About Us

Hello! My name is Anthony McNeil.

I'm a retired police officer, served 20 years with the Southfield (MI) Police Department, a husband (married 27 years), a father of two beautiful daughters, a entrepreneur, a golf fanatic…

And I'm also the creator and host of “The Off Duty Podcast”.

Two years ago I tried to create a Facebook show where I interviewed the men and women of law enforcement.

The premise of the show was to allow the public the opportunity to see that the men and women that proudly put on that uniform everyday are human!

After a while, I discovered that it would be difficult to get officers outside of my region to appear on the show, so I had to shelve the idea.

Then thanks to Joe Rogan (The Joe Rogan Experience and Joe Budden (The Joe Budden Podcast) podcasts became cool and The Off Duty Podcast was born.

Thanks for check me out and please subscribe and share.