Siento App – Innovative Tool for Coping with PTSD in First Responders

The Siento App: First responders face immense challenges, especially when it comes to mental health and PTSD.

In this powerful episode, guest Andrew Douglas, a firefighter and co-creator of a resource for first responders struggling with PTSD, shares his personal experiences and insights into the importance of addressing these issues within the law enforcement and firefighting communities.

Together, we explore the emotional toll of working in emergency services, the need for self-care and support systems, and the potential benefits of using innovative tools like the Siento app to help manage PTSD symptoms.

As we discuss the challenges faced by first responders in rural environments, personal stories of trauma and resilience, and the importance of seeking help when dealing with PTSD, Andrew reveals how his own experience shaped his perspective on life and the value of vulnerability and emotional support from loved ones.

Don't miss this thought-provoking and informative episode that highlights the importance of mental health support for first responders and offers valuable resources for those in need.

About Andrew Douglas

  • Retire Firefighter/Paramedic
  • Creator of
  • WA/Costa Rica

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(0:00:00) – PTSD and First Responders' Mental Health
(0:04:14) – Trauma & Resilience in Fire Service
(0:12:46) – First Responder PTSD and Seeking Help
(0:27:17) – The Siento App
(0:37:32) – First Responder in Costa Rica & App
(0:44:30) – Support First Responders

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:00) – PTSD and First Responders' Mental Health (4 Minutes)

Addressing mental health issues in law enforcement and first responders is crucial, with resources like the one created by firefighter Andrew Douglas available for those struggling with PTSD.

The conversation also explores the similarities between law enforcement and firefighting, as well as Andrew's background and experiences.

This information aims to help listeners become better officers and individuals.

(0:04:14) – Trauma & Resilience in Fire Service (9 Minutes)

Working in a rural environment as a firefighter paramedic presents challenges and traumatic calls.

Personal experiences, like responding to a cardiac arrest call for a premature baby, can trigger guilt and affect mental health.

Finding healthy outlets to deal with stress and PTSD is crucial, as well as seeking emotional support from trusted sources.

The emotional toll of emergency services highlights the need for self-care and support systems.

(0:12:46) – First Responder PTSD and Seeking Help (15 Minutes)

A first responder shares his experience with PTSD, discussing delayed help-seeking, sleep issues, nightmares, and anger management.

He reveals coping mechanisms such as journaling, cold showers, and meditation.

The importance of vulnerability with loved ones and the impact of PTSD on marriages are also addressed, along with an app being developed for first responders.

(0:27:17) – The Siento App (10 Minutes)

A former firefighter with PTSD shares his experience as a union leader and developing an app called Siento.

This anonymous platform allows users to express feelings and connect with others in similar situations. Using AI and natural language processing, the app detects emotions and topics, showing how many users share the same experiences.

Siento also features a community page for supportive comments and offers additional features for a small fee.

The beta program is open for participation and feedback. Being open and supportive during struggles is emphasized.

(0:37:32) – First Responder in Costa Rica & App (7 Minutes)

A new confidential app called Siento supports first responders' mental health. Personal experiences with PTSD can lead to healing through activities like gardening on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica. Living comfortably in Costa Rica is possible on a budget by eating locally and avoiding luxury items, with the country offering great healthcare and education. Having hope and faith in something outside of oneself can help overcome struggles. Mental health support for first responders is crucial.

(0:44:30) – Support First Responders (1 Minutes)

Blue Java coffee company supports first responders in financial need by offering four delicious flavors and donating a portion of sales to a campaign on the fund of first platform. A new flavor will be released soon, making a positive impact.

Sidenote: The only other “firefighter” ever on the podcast was Jerry Lund back in episode 38