Digging Deeper: “Things Police See”- Steve Gould

In this episode, “Things Police See” host Steve Gould, joins Anthony to talk his podcast, his career and life.

They discussed the emotional and physical challenges faced by those in law enforcement, as well as the personal growth and reflections that come with the job.

Inspired by his father's career in law enforcement. He viewed his father was a respected figure, who helped people when they needed it the most.

This sparked Steve's own journey into the field, where he has experienced both the positive aspects and challenges that come with being a police officer.

One of the most significant challenges in law enforcement is the physical and mental toll it takes on an individual. Both Steve and Anthony shared their experiences of injuries and the impact they had on their careers.

However, despite the downsides, the good aspects of the job have outweighed the bad. Anthony shared how luck brought him into law enforcement, allowing him to better his family's future.

Furthermore, they both reflected on the inspirational people they worked with throughout their careers who motivated and pushed them to be better.

Another topic of discussion was the debate around martial arts and jujitsu, and their role in developing discipline, leadership, and following.

Trying new things and pushing boundaries is essential to both personal and professional growth, and Steve shared his interest in exploring voice-over work as an example.

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Networking and connecting with others in the law enforcement community are also crucial, as it help humanize police officers and allow for shared experiences and support.

Through platforms like the Things Police See podcast, officers can share their stories, ambitions, and motivations, shedding light on the changing landscape of the American dream.

In conclusion, this honest and powerful conversation between Anthony McNeil and Steve Gould highlights the importance of personal growth and reflection in law enforcement.

By acknowledging the emotional and physical challenges faced by officers, we can better understand the people behind the badge and appreciate the sacrifices they make every day.

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Time Stamps

(0:00:00) – Law Enforcement Career Paths

Steve Gould shares his journey into law enforcement, inspired by his father's job, and how he became the officer he is today.

(0:11:21) – Career Reflections and Physical Toll

Motivation to pursue law enforcement, physical and mental toll, and breaking my tibia in a foot pursuit are discussed.

(0:15:07) – Law Enforcement Trauma and Appreciation

I discuss physical and emotional toll of law enforcement, my body's effects, luck, and inspiring colleagues.

(0:26:36) – My Diverse Life Experiences

Martial arts, jujitsu, discipline, leading, following, cage fighting, and voice over work are discussed.

(0:31:53) – Police Belt Options and Motivations

Steve Gould recounts his experience of almost being hit by a car and his thoughts on police officer motivations and favorite duty belts.

(0:37:04) – Family, Money, and Life Highlights

I share my life story, the benefits of martial arts, and a near-miss car accident.

(0:40:58) – Aspirations and Reflections

We discussed ambition, motivation in law enforcement, markets, gold investment, changing American dream, and if a friend should stay.

(0:52:12) – Supporting “Things Police See” Podcast and Networking

Steve and I discussed networking, Things Police See, ambition, motivation, and the personal toll of law enforcement.