EP 61 – First Responders Don’t Trust Many People – Amy Morgan

Mental Health expert Amy Morgan is the CEO and founder of the “Academy Hour”, a online program that works with counselors to teach them how to work with first responders.

She also works with police departments to help them establish “peer to peer” groups for officers, to share mental health issues and provide further resources when needed.

This was a fun interview! Amy Knows her stuff and she's a lot of fun to interview.


  • Mental Health Expert Working w/First Responders
  • CEO / Founder of Academy Hour
  • Oklahoma



[01:53] Lead of Question – “Why Law Enforcement”, Amy talks about how she started working with first responders and why she started the “Academy Hour“.

[03:22] Amy breaks down exactly what the “Academy Hour” is all about, how to get started and who it's for.

[16:46] Dig Deeper – This is the part of the podcast were I dig into the guest's social media and I craft questions around those posts. Below is the post that I spoke with Amy about.

IG POST – Mental Health Moment 10.18.21:

“Trust is a growth process. It’s being able to see you can count on someone to do something and learning through experiences that someone has your best interest in mind.”

  • Who’s the one person in your life that no matter what, you know you can trust to always come through when you need them to?

“When someone does something that breaks trust, that goes against them having our best interest, it shows us that they are capable of action that is in contradiction with doing the right thing.”

  • Have you ever had someone break that trust bond with you?
  • Did they ever restore that trust with you?
  • How does trust come into play when it comes to first responders and mental health?


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24:36 Random Seven – These are the seven random questions that I asked Amy. These questions are random and electronically created.

  • What upcoming life event are you most excited about?
  • What is one thing you think every human being should learn how to do?
  • If humans came with a warning label what would yours say?
  • If you were a fashion icon and whatever you wore became a fashion trend, what trend would you start?
  • Would you rather go through a zombie apocalypse or a real life purge?
  • Would you rather forget how to spell or add?
  • Do you think there’s value in living a simpler life with less technology?

35:36 This or That – This is my version of a speed round.

  • Google maps or waze
  • Kiss on the first date or make them wait
  • Potato chips: plain, sour cream or BBQ
  • Tank top or t-shirt
  • Soft tacos or crunchy tacos
  • Home cooked or dine out
  • Local radio station or playlist
  • Private jet or yacht
  • Rollercoaster: front or back
  • Face your enemy or face your fear