EP 60 – It’s Not Often I Get Into Politics – Anthony McNeil

Hey there, Anthony McNeil here! This week I'm taking a little mental break and I'm sharing a clip from episode 55 “When America Sneezes Everyone Gets a Cold”, which featured James Walking from New Zealand.

I'm sharing this clip because of a message I received from a listener, Mary Orn who enjoyed the episode. Here's the message:

“I just listened to ep 55 w James Walkling of New Zealand. The entire episode was interesting, but the last 8 mins were spot on (politicians and media dividing Americans). One of the most accurate assessments I’ve heard to date. Thanks for creating the podcast, your guests are always interesting to listen to. Be safe.”

If you haven't listened to episode 55, I encourage you to do so, it was a great conversation James and I had.

I'll be back next week with another great guess, so if you haven't done so, PLEASE follow the podcast on whatever platform you're listen on.



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