EP 41 – Mental Health in Law Enforcement – Anthony McNeil

Mental health in law enforcement, is a topic that I've really taken a interest in the past few weeks. In this episode I'm doing something I haven't done since episode one, I'm going solo, no guest interview this week.

After interviewing several officers and reading the stories of men and women in the law enforcement profession, describe how they are fighting PTSD, anxiety, depression and all of the other mental heath problems, this profession can cause, I really wanted to see if there is something I could do to help.

Mental Health in Law Enforcement Doing My Small Part

In this episode I talk about how the job affected me mentally and I share information about the law enforcement mastermind that I have setup, to help the men and women of the law enforcement profession better cope with the day to day stresses of the job.

If you are in law enforcement or have retired and you suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression or any other mental situations, as a result of the job, then I encourage you to visit https://theoffdutypodcast.com.dream.website/mastermind and learn more about what I'm doing.