How Can I Help Cops Stay Safe – Ashley Cummins – EP 80

Ashley Cummins, a.k.a by her fight name “Smashley”, is a full time police officer with 11 years on the job and a professional MMA fighter.

I asked Ashley to come on the podcast, because I wanted to learn more about her fight career and how she's using her fight experience to now help law enforcement better train.


  • 11 Years In LE
  • LEO/Detac Coach
  • Pro 105lb MMA fighter
  • Jiu jitsu brown belt
  • California


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[01:44] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?” Ashley explains that she has no military background or any family members that has been in law enforcement.

But as a kid, being taught to respect other and having a feeling that when people broke the law, she needed to do something about it, made her what to get into the profession.

[10:19] Dig Deeper – This is the part of the podcast were I dig into the guest's social media and I craft questions around 3-5 of those posts.

Ashley shares why she gets out of bed each and every day to do this job.

[22:02] Random Seven – These are seven, totally random questions that I asked Ashley. And they're all electronically created.

I asked Ashley if she could detach one body part what would it be and why…. You have to hear what she said.

[29:17] This or That – This is my version of a speed round.

[30:56] Flip the Script – This where the guest gets to ask you the listener a question.

Ashley question is – “If you're a police officer, what are you doing outside of your agency? That's going to help keep you safe And get you home to your family.” Leave your answer below.