EP 57 – You Look Like You Drink Tea – Breaunna McCarthy

I've been following Breaunna McCarthy on Instagram for a year or so and I, really loved what she was doing online… Humanizing the badge and sharing her beautiful family.

I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to reach out to her, because I didn't think she would come on the podcast…

But to my surprise, she agreed and I'm glad she did! It was a great conversation and I think you're going to enjoying learning about this young lady!


  • 3 Years in law enforcement
  • Mother & Wife
  • From Tennessee
  • CEO / Co-founder: TwoTwentyFour, Inc a non-profit



[01:31] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?” Breaunna explains that she wanted to be an FBI Agent, “like Olivia Benson”, from the TV show “Law & Order” if you don't know.

After becoming pregnant in college, Breaunna decided she needed to change routes, so she chose law enforcement.

[09:31] Dig Deeper – This is the part of the podcast were I dig into the guest's social media and I craft questions around 3-5 of those posts.

Despite saying she's not emotional, Breaunna actually got a little emotional when I asked her about one post in particular.

[25:15] Random Seven – These are seven, totally random questions that I asked Breaunna. And they're all electronically created.

Breaunna's response to the last question is the one that sparked the title of this episode.

[32:01] This or That – This is my version of a speed round.


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In the next episode. I speak with Amanda “A.K” Donzanti, who spent 13 years as a police officer in Ohio. Amanda left the profession in 2020 after dealing with PTSD, which stemmed from childhood trauma that she says, she never addressed. You can hear this episode on 10/03/2021.