Cops Direct Empowering Cops – Aaron Negherbon

Aaron Negherbon is the founder and director of Cops Direct, a nonprofit organization that provides support and medical supply, resources to law enforcement officers.

In this conversation, he discusses the mission of Cops Direct and how the organization is working to help cops stay safe on the job.

Negherbon also shares some of his own personal experiences of being around law enforcement as a kid and why he decided to start Cops Direct.

About Aaron Negherbon

  • Executive Director & founder
  • Husband / Father
  • From California

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Show Segments

[02:24] Aaron introduces himself

[03:41] What CD is all about and why Aaron started it

[03:57] Why the medical supply side as a resource

[07:04] The process a police department goes through

[11:14] The supplier that Cops Direct work with

[12:27] Introducing and offering training to departments

[15:47] Living Her Life to the Fullest

[17:55] Cops being asked to do more

[18:50] How CD fundraises

[21:12] The team at CD

[26:18] The importance of departments being prepared



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