EP 17 – I Figured I Would Like To Make a Change – Police Officer Brandon Walker

This episode I had the pleasurer of interviewing a young officer from my old department, Mr. Brandon Walker.

I did not know Brandon two weeks prior to recording this podcast, but I felt like I've known him forever. I actually met Brandon because of a interaction he had with my 14 year old nephew.

My nephew was at my mom's house, out in the front yard shooting hoops when Brandon, who was about to end his shift, stopped to shoot around with him for about 20 minutes.

Brandon's action is what this podcast is all about, “Bridging the Gap” between law enforcement and the public.

Brandon's action to humanize the badge, left a lasting impression on my nephew. My mom said he ran in the house after Brandon left and was smiling from ear to ear!

During our conversation, Brandon and I discussed why he got into law enforcement, his time playing college basketball and much more.

Unlike most of the guest I've had on the show Brandon doesn't have any social media other than Facebook. Please stop over and saw hello to him.

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