EP 18 – The Only Thing They Have is Their Respect – Officer Logan Campbell

I truly enjoyed my conversation with Officer Logan Campbell an 8 year veteran from Indiana. Officers like Logan are the reason I do this podcast.

What I mean is…

To judge this young man on nothing but appearance, most people would probably tag him with the stereo typical labels given to most police officers.

But once you start talking with Logan you easily see that he's anything but typical and I'm happy to give you the opportunity to get to know him.

We talked about everything from, why he started on social media, to the movie “The Avengers” and his love for cinema, to taken CBD and much more!

Logan has a blog, “The Campbell Commentary” which is like an open book into his thoughts… Highly recommended!

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Logan is a board member of “Honor a Hero Project“, a non-profit organization that creates a trusted solution to assist our countries injured first responders, honor our countries fallen heroes, and support their families.