EP 2 – I’m Not Internet Famous – Officer Kenny Anderson Bamberg Police Dept

In this episode I interview Officer Kenny Anderson, who has been with the Bamberg Police Department in South Carolina for 4 years.

If you are on Tik Tok or Instagram, then you may have seen Kenny. Kenny is using social media to accomplish the very thing this podcast is all about, “Humanizing the Badge”.

Kenny has created a number of videos where he's dancing and the videos have taken off and gone viral…. The popular Hip Hop website, “World Star” reached out to Kenny and has posted 4 four his videos, which have received hundreds of thousands of views.

Kenny did a video with a number of the kids from the Bamberg community and the video was picked up and shown on the local news and was even shared by the TV show “Cops” on their Instagram page.

Kenny talks about how he wants to use the notoriety he has received, to shine the spotlight on the community of Bamberg itself.

After checking out the interview with Officer Anderson, be sure to watch and follow him on Instgram @ynneknosredna  and TikTok @officeranderson