EP 20 – I’m Going to Run With it as Far as I Possibly Can – Officer KK

What a great interview I had with Officer “KK” from Utah. KK has been in law enforcement for two years and her story is one I find very inspirational….

She had to go through both a physical and mental transformation to get to where she's at today.

KK was very open and candid about her family troubles and what her life was like growing up. About 20 minutes into the interview it becomes very obvious, that this woman is much more than just another pretty face on social media.

Some Of The Topics We Discuss:

  • Why KK decided she had no choose but to go into police work.
  • She talks about who helped her go through her life changing transformation.
  • KK explains the backlash she received for being on social media early on.
  • KK talks about how she becomes motived when told that she has only accomplished what she has, because she is a female.

In 2019 Officer KK was awarded Memorial Spot at LETC (Video). A scholarship to honor the memory of Master Officer Joseph Shinners who was killed in the line of duty.

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