EP 21 – It’s Now or Never – Chief Daniel Smith

My guest Chief Daniel Smith of the Olla Police Department in Louisiana has accomplished something, that's not very easy to nor very common in law enforcement….

Become the “Chief of Police” while in your twenties!

After about 20 minutes into the conversation, I understood why Daniel was elected by the citizens of Olla for the position.

Topics We Discuss

  • Chief Smith was very open about his humble upbringing, being bullied and his struggle with having low self-esteem when he was younger.
  • He discusses his transformation from being over weight to turning his life around by working out.
  • We talk about his love for his family and doing something his parents were not able to doing with him as a kid.
  • After achieving so much at a young age in law enforce, Chief Smith talks about what's in the future.

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