EP 4 – Its What You Do! It’s Not Who You Are – Donna Brown – Tallahassee Police Dept. Retired

Retired Detective Sargent and award winning author, Donna Brown shares stories about her 26 years with the Tallahassee (FL) Police Department and what it was like, to be one of five female officers on the department back in 1979.

Since retiring Donna has written two award winning books, “Behind and Beyond the Badge” volumes one & two. Which shares the stories of the men and women that make up what she calls, “The Village of First Responders” Law Enforcement, EMS, Dispatchers, Fire Fighters, Forensics and Victim Advocates.

Donna explains why she wrote the books, who will benefit from reading the books and what you can plan to take away from the books. To get a copy of the books or contact Donna, please visit Behind and Beyond the Badge.

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