EP 7 – Using Hip Hop to Build a Bridge – Deputy Daniel “Bookem” Rivera

In this episode I speak with Deputy Daniel Rivera a.k.a “Bookem”, who is a 14 year veteran with the Hudson County Sheriff out of New Jersey!

Daniel is a “rapper” and he runs a non-profit organization called, “Bridges”. Through Bridges, Daniel is able to connect with the youth of the community in-which he serves, by utilizing “Rap music” to build a bridge between them and law enforcement.

Daniel says, “He believes you should be a part of the community not apart from it, which is why he started the Bridges program.

I came across Daniel on Instagram. I was listening to a song called, “Another Day” which Daniel wrote and raps on. The song describes the turmoil relationship between the public and those who serve and protect.

You can here Another Day here:

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