You Need to Take Down Your Thin Blue Line Flag – Eric Reynolds

Eric Reynolds, a retired police officer who spent 20 years in law enforcement, is a licensed primary sports nutritionist, licensed personal trainer, founder of Cops and Campers, and founder of KetoFiveO.

Eric talks about his family's history of law enforcement and how it naturally led him to join the team. He also shares his experience finding out he had a brother who was a deputy in Orlando, Florida who he never knew about.

Eric’s story is a reminder that first responders need help connecting with each other. He was able to use his passion for camping to create a space for first responders to connect and share their stories.

His creation of the “Cops and Campers” retreat was a way for first responders to come together and share their experiences. It was a way for them to find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggles.

Cops & Campers Documentary

About Eric Reynolds

  • Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist
  • Licensed Personal Trainer
  • Retired Wounded Police Officer
  • Founder of Cops & Campers
  • Founder of KetoFiveO
  • 20 years in LE
  • From Florida

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Support First Responders:

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00:03:04 Law enforcement runs in family.

00:06:06 Live life and experience it.

00:10:28 Help first responders find community.

00:15:08 Improve health through community support.

00:22:44 Slow down, enjoy life.

00:26:59 Eat healthily to stay fit.

00:31:29 Living life to fullest with kids.

00:37:37 Sell piece of soul for pension.

00:42:39 Honesty is key to respect.

00:45:10 Listen to your body.