Your Wife is Probably Gonna Want to Sleep With Me Tonight – Eric Tansey – EP 122

In this episode, Eric Tansey the co-host of Failure to Stop, a podcast about law enforcement, joins the show. He is a former cop from North Carolina who served for almost eight years. He is also now a distillery owner. We discuss his experience as a cop and what led him to open his own business.

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Time Stamps

[01:58] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?”

[05:46] The Transition from Military to Civilian Life

[22:46] Former Police Officer Turned Distiller Shares His Story

[25:19] The Failure Stop Show

[30:54] The Most Defining Moment of My Life: Running with My Father

[38:45] The Greatest Life Lesson I've Learned: Be the First Person to Stand Up and the Last Person to Sit Down

[42:54] Pig Latin: A Seriously Funny, True Story

[57:20] This or That Rapid Fire questions


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