How She Almost Lost Me – Eric Tung – EP 131

Eric Tung, who is the founder of Blue Grit Wellness, joins the podcast to reveal his personal story behind his chosen line of work. He was a shy kid with a lack of confidence, was not close to his father, and had a disdain for those who took advantage of others.

After attending college at the University of Washington, he decided to pursue law enforcement because of its potential to protect and serve. His mother was hesitant of his choice due to the cultural stigma attached to the profession.

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Time Stamps

00:02:59 Be a positive force in society.

00:12:03 Take time to be present.

00:12:40 Take time for yourself.

00:23:44 Stay resilient and forward-moving.

00:29:00 Life is precious and fragile.

00:36:36 Risk changes with parenthood.

00:37:12 Make the world better together.


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