Become Fearful and Run and Hide – Janeen Baggette – EP 115

Janeen Baggette is the founder and director of “K9's For Freedom & Independence”. A non-profit that trains and provides, CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team) and detection K9's to law enforcement departments, throughout the United States.

About Janeen Baggette

  • 10 Years in law enforcement
  • Founder of K9's For Freedom & Independence
  • From Texas

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[01:58] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?” 

[05:46] Janeen talks about what she struggled with and had to adjust to once she got into the profession.

[12:04] I asked Janeen to explain what “K9's for Freedom” is and why she started it.

[16:02] Janeen explains the process that departments must go through, if they wish to obtain a K9.

[18:32] Janeen talks about where her dogs come from and the training process, for both the dogs and the handlers.

[22:14] Hear about one of the many success stories, that officers have had using dogs in the field that have come from Janeen's organization.