A Bad Bad Bad Day – Jason Monteiro – EP 84

Jason Monteiro is a perfect example of why I do this podcast. He reached out to about coming on the podcast, which happens all the time and people have different reasons why they want to come on.

But the thing that made Jason's reason different, I didn't learn about until we got into the interview. And I have to admit, I was not expecting to find this out from him.


  • 22 Years In LE
  • LEO Certified Physical Fitness, Health and Wellness Instructor
  • From Massachusetts


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[01:34] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?” Jason explains that he got into law enforcement, because as a kid he always played sports and always had a need for action and excitement…. He thought that becoming a cop would be a good way to feel that need.

[13:01] Dig Deeper – This is the part of the podcast were I dig into the guest's social media and I craft questions around 3-5 of those posts.

Jason opens up and shares some of his childhood and what some of his teachers, may have though of him.

[25:16] Random Seven – These are seven, totally random questions that I asked Jason. And they're all electronically created.

Jason gives some valued advice, to those who don't have a understanding of who or what grounds them.

[35:03] Flip the Script – This is where the guest, gets to ask you the listener a question. And Jason's question is:

“What would be the , three traits of a great police officer or three qualities of a great police officer?”

Leave your answer in the comment section below.

[35:40] This or That – This is my version of a speed round.