EP 38 – If I Didn’t Have Bad Luck I Would Have No Luck At All – Officer Jerry D. Lund

Jerry D. Lund has 30+ years as a first responder. The incredible thing about Jerry, is that he's both a police officer and fire fighter… And his department is not a “public safety” department.

If you suffer from depression, PTSD or any other mental health situation as a result of being a first responder. Then I encourage you to listen to this episode and hear Jerry's story.

Besides pulling double duty, protecting and serving, Jerry is also the host of the “Enduring the Badge” podcast, which is a part of the “Everyday Heroes Podcast Network“.


01:46 – Lead Off Question: Why law enforcement is the first question I ask each guest. But in Jerry's case, it's why law enforcement and why firefighting.

10:01 – Dig Deeper: This is where I pick several posts from the guest's social media and form questions around those posts.

I usually select several of the guest's social media post to craft questions around. With Jerry there was only one post I chose to focus on and it had to do with him wanting to take his own life.

35:15 – Random Seven: Here I use an app to create 7 totally random questions. Here's the list of questions I asked Jerry:

  • What’s the number thing at the top of your bucket list?
  • Complete this sentence with anything other than your job title: I am a _________?
  • Have you ever given a present to someone that they hated or disliked?
  • Have you ever gotten anything autographed, if so by who and what was it?
  • What 3 things would you leave in a time capsule for someone to open in 50 years?
  • Do you avoid conflict with your partner?
  • Would you rather your mom or your boss get a copy of every text you’ve sent and received?

41:45 – This or That: This is my “Rapid fire” round. I give the guest two topics and they have to select one over the other. 

  • Apple or Android
  • Leather Jacket or hoodie
  • Midnight or noon
  • Books: Digital, hardback or paperback
  • Flat tire or run out of gas
  • Television series or movie
  • Broccoli or green beans
  • Beach or mountains
  • Call or text
  • Roller coasters or bumper cars



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