Make Sure I’m Happy with Myself – K9 Arlo – EP 132

You may or not have heard of K9 Arlo. Well I had the pleasure of speaking with Tyler McCoy, a seven year law enforcement officer and Arlo's handler and partner.

Tyler explains his motivation for becoming a law enforcement officer, his experiences and the duties of a K9 handler.

And he shares a story about Arlo, who was injured in the line of duty and how that shooting affected him, more than the other 2 shootings he was involved in. Arlo pulled through and has become an internet sensation with 101 million views.

About Tyler & K9 Arlo

  • K9 Handler
  • Video creator
  • From Washington State
  • 7 years in law enforcement

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Time Stamps

00:01:12 Serve the public with respect.

00:08:38 Social media can be beneficial.

00:17:09 Take care of yourself.

00:22:20 Love yourself first.

00:24:10 Support each other, not division.

00:29:19 Stay safe and blessed.


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Make Sure I’m Happy with Myself – K9 Arlo – EP 132”

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