The Confidence I Have as a Police Officer – Karla Garbelotto – EP 124

13 Year police officer, Karla Garbelotto joins Anthony on this episode, to discuss her career in law enforcement. Karla who was born in Brazil, explains that she when she was a child, her father always wanted her to join the FBI.

But decided to become a police officer instead. She discusses the differences between being a police officer and a regular person, and why she enjoys law enforcement.

About Karla Garbelotto

  • Aspiring actress
  • Singer/songwriter
  • 13 years in LE
  • From Texas

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Show Segments

Time Stamps

[01:42] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?”

[06:37] Working narcotics during the pandemic

[10:35] How did working at Dunkin Donuts help your law enforcement career?

[12:58] Losing passion for the job

[15:30] Talking about her songwriting and musical talent

[17:52] The most defining moment of Karla's life

[19:50] Living her life to the fullest

[23:36] The greatest life lessons Karla has learned so far

[26:00] Conversations you have with yourself

[31:31] Life is a complete 180

[34:01] This or That: Rapid fire round