I Faced Anti Police Rhetoric – Kristen Linton – EP 103

Police wife of 9 years, Kristen Linton joins me on this episode. Kristin who talks about how she and her husband handled the rioting in 2020 and how she now feels, unwelcomed in certain communities.

Kristen also shares how she dealt with resentment towards her husband Rick, during the early part of their marriage and how her blog “Heels and Holster” was born out of that.



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[01:37] Lead Off Question – My regular lead off question is “Why Law Enforcement”. But for Kristen it was “Why Blogging?” 

[13:26] Dig Deeper – This is the part of the podcast were I dig into the guest's social media and I craft questions around 3-5 of those posts.

[25:36] Random Seven – These are seven, totally random questions that I asked Kristen. And they're all electronically created.

[35:59] Flip the Script – This is where the guest, gets to ask you the listener a question. To leave a voice message for Kristen's question CLICK HERE. And Kristin's question is:

What’s the glue in your relationship during those busy, lots of overtime months?

[37:02] This or That – This is my rapid fire round, where I give the guest two choices and they have to chose one without giving too much thought.