I Think it’s Time to Walk Away From This Job – Leonard Perez – EP 135

Leonard Perez talks about his law enforcement career, which included 32 years in the profession and 14 years in the Navy.

Leonard shares his experience growing up in poverty, the conversations he had with his family when he decided to enter law enforcement, and how he was able to stay in the job for so long.

He and Anthony discuss the lack of technology, such as cell phones and computers, at the time of the Rodney King incident, and the atmosphere of the profession then and now.

About Leonard Perez

  • 32 yrs at LAPD
  • 14 yrs with the Navy Reserve
  • From California

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Mentioned In The Episode

Former LAPD Detective and convicted killer Stephanie Lazarus case:

Time Stamps

00:04:51 Challenge yourself to keep going.

00:09:26 Police ethics and training important.

00:13:00 Have an outlet after retirement.

00:19:11 Speak kindly to yourself.

00:21:45 Live life to the fullest.

00:26:37 LAPD officer commits murder.

00:33:07 Plan ahead for retirement.

00:33:46 Support first responders with coffee.