EP 23 – Not Beating Myself Down – Sgt. Marc Hildebrand

Sgt. Marc Hildebrand of the Las Angeles Police Dept. was my guest for this episode and I have to say, Marc is one hell of a dude! If you're in a bad mood, you won't be after having a conversation with him…

Positivity just flows from this man.

Marc has 18 years in law enforcement but he's more than just a cop. He and his lovey wife Theresa, have been on journey together that started with them both being unhealthy, both physically and emotionally.

But together, not only did they come out of it in a much better place, they have used that journey to become fitness & life coaches and now help other first responders, doctors and nurses navigate their way through their own situations.

I had a great conversation with Marc about his journey and I encourage you to have a listen, I promise you will hear something that you'll be able to use when you find yourself going through your own challenges.

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