EP 39 – Law Enforcement Doesn’t Give You Anything Back – Deputy Marshal Nate Silvester

Deputy Marshal Nate Silvester has 13 years in law enforcement. Nate became nationally known after making a video responding to a tweet, that NBA player Labron James had posted in regards to the Columbus, Ohio shooting of, Ma'Khia Bryant by Officer Nicholas Reardon.

Nate's video went viral and soon the video became a national news story. As a result, Nate was suspend for a week without pay.

In our interview, Nate talks about why me made the video and the repercussions that have come from it.


Two days after my interview with Deputy Silvester, news outlets reported that he had been fired from the agency he was at.


1:40 – Lead Off Question: My lead off question is always, “Why law enforcement” and Nate tells his story of getting started, the unfulfilling career he was in prior and what led him to getting into the law enforcement profession.

3:45 – Discussing The Tik Tok Video: Here Nate really explains why he did the video, the GoFundMe campaign that has raised over $500K and the book deal that he was offered after gaining the national exposure.

16:53 – Dig Deeper: This is where I pick several posts from the guest's social media and form questions around those posts.

POST – Video of you dying your daughters hair:

“Just doing dad stuff.”

  • How many kids do you have?
  • What’s one moment with your dad that you will always remember?
  • How would you feel if one of your kids went into LE?

POST: Pic of you and your mother posted on her birthday telling a story about you receiving a cookie basket from a secret admirer in the 7th grade and what that did for your confidence at the time. And it turns out the cookies were from your mother.

“I had to stifle my excitement as my mind raced to figure out who my admirer could be.“

  • What are you excited about nowadays?

“That gave me the confidence boost I needed as an insecure teenager to walk a little taller down the hallways at school.”

  • What’s been the biggest insecurity you’ve had to overcome?

26:40 – Random Seven:  Here I use an app to create 7 totally random questions. Here's the list of questions I asked Nate:

  • Your superpower is that you can give phobias to people, what fun and interesting things would you make people afraid of?
  • If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you visit and why?
  • If you could make one of your hobbies into a profession which would it be?
  • In what way are you too hard on yourself?
  • Complete this sentence with anything other than your job title: I am a ________?
  • What’s at the top of your bucket list?
  • Who is your celebrity crush?

34:44 – Followers Questions: This are questions that were submitted by Instagram followers of the podcast.


  • Hardest part of the job that the public wouldn’t know?
  • Do blondes with boobs talk their way out of tickets with you?
  • What’s the funniest drunk incident/call you’ve been on?
  • How do you handle PTSD that comes with your job?


  • Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your younger LEO self?


  • Advice for someone starting out?


  • What are some valuable things to keep in mind when selecting an agency?


  • Is he back on the force and if so, has his co-workers been supportive and is there backlash?


  • Did you grow up where he’s serving the good people of Idaho?


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