EP 24 – Something Just Felt Off – Andrew Saunders

From police officer to teacher and CEO. Andrew Saunders a former Wilson, NC Police Officer.

Realized very earlier in his law enforcement career, that his leadership skills could be better utilized in a different compacity.

After witnessing what he labels, the “classroom to prison pipeline”, Andy left law enforcement to become a teacher, working with low income special needs children of color, as a “Teach For America” Corps Member.

Working as a Senior Managing Director of Recruitment, Andrew currently leads a portion of Teach For America’s national team and is responsible for recruiting and placing college graduates as teachers in low income communities across the nation.

In addition to teaching, Andy and co-founder Brittany Nestor, started a very unique nonprofit organization,  the “New Blue Project”.

Working with local police agencies and academies, The New Blue Project, works to identifying leaders, revising basic training, and launching their leadership trajectory through education and executive coaching. 

You can learn more about “New Blue Project” on their website.