I Didn’t Want to be Like Them – Nicole Augerlavoie – EP 123

Nicole Augerlavoie explains that she became a law enforcement officer in order to help her daughters, who were dealing with some legal issues. She felt that as a law enforcement officer, she would be taken more seriously and be able to better help her daughters.

She has eight children in total, four from her first marriage and three from her current husband, as well as one they had together. The age range of her children is 19 down to almost 10.

Nicole talks about how she got into law enforcement. She explains that she is very stubborn and hard-headed, but that she didn't want her kids to grow up without a role model. Nicole also talks about how she is now a model and actress, as well as a marketing director.

About Nicole Augerlavoie

  • Model / Actress
  • Marketing Director
  • Content Creator / Influencer
  • 3.5 years in LE
  • From Tennessee

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[0:01:49] Lead off question – “Why law enforcement?”

[0:07:09] Getting into modeling and acting

[0:10:05] How Nicole got into marketing

[0:16:25] Life Segment – 5/6 questions that all contain the word life and requires the guest to do a little self reflection and looking inward.

[0:35:01] This or That Segment – Rapid fire round

[0:35:51] Nicole's final word


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