EP 35 – That Feeling of Being Needed – Police Officer Jon Imperial

Jon Imperial is a 11 year police officer from New Hampshire and he currently serves as a reserve in the military. We discussed how he's currently going through and handling the transformation from law enforcement to construction after a recent move to another state. Jon describes how his need to be “needed” in life has changed.

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Topics From The Other Segments Of The Interview

DIG DEEPER – I ask question around posts on the guest social media

IG POST: Picture of a old window of some sort

“ That view. Try not to get so front sight focused in life. Be willing to embrace new adventures and new experiences. Step out of your comfort zone, and into the hard stuff. You may feel like you’ve taken a nosedive, but in the end you will be better for it..”

  • What was the last new thing you have tried?
  • What’s the hardest thing you’ve gone through or had to do in life?
  • Is there something that’s out of your comfort zone that you have yet to try? 
  • What’s stopping you from trying it?

IG POST: Pic of a kettlebell

“Get up and grind”

  • What is it that gets you up and going everyday?
  • What keeps you awake at night?

IG POST: Pic of a snow capped mountain and blue sky

“It’s the start of another week. Clear your mind. Check in on your friends. Prioritize what you have going on. And push yourself. Push your mind, your body and your soul. Become better than you were last week. Crush it.”

  • What do you do when you need to clear your head?
  • What’s your biggest priority at this moment or at this point in life?
  • When you need to get shit off your chest, is there someone you can vent to or do you hold it in?
  • What’s the hardest physical thing you’ve ever done?

RANDOM SEVEN – I ask the guest 7 totally randomly selected questions

  • What’s the most exotic meat you’ve ever eaten?
  • What could you do all day and night consider it a waste of time?
  • If you could make a documentary about anything, what would you make it about?
  • WYR have your toilet overflow every time you flush it or your refrigerator smells like rotten fish every time you open it?
  • Do you think once you love someone you will always love them? Or do you think love can fade with time?
  • WYR be hated or forgotten?
  • What area of your life are you least satisfied with?

THIS OR THAT – The guest has to pick between to topics

  • Rare, medium or well done
  • Minivan or station wagon
  • Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts
  • Flip flops or sneakers
  • Take a back road or familiar route
  • Hamburger or hot dog
  • Gift card or actual gift
  • Visual or audible
  • Midnight or noon
  • Extra sleep or extra time