Responder Wipes CEO – Tonya Herbert – EP 68

“Responder WIpes”, is a Florida based company, that was created by Tonya Herbert. Tony is a Fire service and wellness specialist, that has been working with first responders for many years.

I wanted to bring Tonya on the podcast, because after doing some research I thought to myself, “these are something police officers can surely use”.

Since recording this with Tonya, I have had a chance to use the wipes, and these things are legit! They work really well and are very durable…

Sorry to make this sound like a ad, but if I find something that I feel like, you can benefit from, I want to share it.


  • Fire service health and wellness specialist
  • CEO & Founder – Heracles Protection, LLC
  • President | Responder Wipes
  • Florida


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[02:43] Tonya shares her background prior to starting “Responder Wipes”.

[05:43] Tonya talks about other family members, who have been in law enforcement.

[07:04] How it all started. Tonya talks about how the wipes came to be.

[12:14] Learn how the name of the company came to be. And the thought that went into coming up with the formula for the wipes.

[20:04] Why first responder should use the wipes over soap and water.

[21:33] Tonya talks about the various sizes and the different uses for them.

[23:16] Wipes are not the only product “Responder Wipes” is making. Tonya shares what those other products are and their use.

[28:03] I ask Tonya about her other company, “Florida PPE“.

[33:35] Tonya shares a few tips, first responders can do, in order to stay safe against occupational hazards.