The Ride A Long – EP 88

This episode is the “Ride a Long” episode. I had a listener, reach out and ask if I could do an episode that feature folks who have done a ride a long.

So I made a post on Instagram, asking for those who have been on a ride a long, to contact me.

So I took 3 ride a long stories and turned them into this episode. If you've been thinking about doing a ride a long with your local police department, then this episode is a good one to listen to.


  • 2 1/2 years as a police cadet
  • From Oregon
  • Instagram


  • Former Police Cadet
  • Currently in 3rd police academy
  • From Maryland
  • Instagram


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[00:50] Ami – Ami says that just got the “law enforcement bug” early on and when she became of age, she started to apply for various cadet or explorer programs.

Ami says that the ride a longs she has gone on, has reenforced that law enforcement is the profession she wants to be a part of.

[15:06] Aby – Aby wanted to become a teacher, that is until she went on her first ride a long. Like Ami, Aby says that since her teen years, she has had a interest in law enforcement, but the ride a long is what sealed the deal for her.

[31:39] Cyndi – Cyndi is married to a retired PO. And although she has only been on one ride a long, it gave her a chance to see what her husband did and it gave her the confidence that he would be ok while on the job.