Roxi Helms – From Starbucks to Working on Skidrow – EP 121

In this episode, Roxi Helms joins Anthony McNeil to discuss her journey into law enforcement.

She talks about how she has always been interested in the field and how becoming a mother motivated her to finally pursue her dream.

Roxi discusses how her previous job at Starbucks, has prepared her to deal with people and how she enjoys being a content creator and influence.

About Roxi Helms

  • 2.5 Years In Law Enforcement
  • Content Creator
  • From California

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Time Stamps

[01:35] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?”

[02:19] Career Conversation with a Police Officer

[03:57] Retired Police Officer Reflects on Career

[08:34] Working on Skid Row

[12:22] Content Creation and Social Media

[14:15] The Most Defining Moment of Roxi's Life

[15:47] Living Her Life to the Fullest

[17:36] The Greatest Life Lessons Roxi Has Learned So Far

[19:57] The Power of Positive Thinking: How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Achieve Your Goals

[24:44] This or That Rapid Fire questions


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