EP 46 Bonus – Chief I’m Sorry For Bleeding All Over Your Colors – Samuel Royer

This is a bonus episode I did with Samuel Royer, the National Director of “Heroes First Home Loans”. HFHL is a mortgage company that works with all first responders; law enforcement, firefighters, military, medical, educators, civil service and ministry.

Topics of our Conversation

I invited Sam on to talk about two important pieces of legislation that he is trying to get passed through congress.

The first “The HELPER ACT”, addresses this by establishing a new home loan program under the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that creates a process for first responders and educators to affordably purchase a home. Similar to the VA Home Loan Program, the HELPER Act eliminates the requirements for a down payment and a monthly mortgage insurance premium (MIP).

The second has to do with forcing social media platforms to remove posts that contain threats or the suggestion of a threat to first responders. Plus force them to report the post to law enforcement. This legislation is in response to the killing of Daytona police officer Jason Rainer.

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12:34 DIG DEEPER: – This is the segment of the show where I find social media post of my guest and I create questions around those posts.

  • LINKEDIN POST – Pics of you speaking with Senator Rick Scott

“Sometimes you just have to take the shot. I asked Senator Rick Scott about a pro-active policing bill that would force social media to alert local law enforcement when certain triggers happen. Example, you write “I can’t wait to get the blood of a pig on my hands” you will get a knock at the door from the men and women in blue, it’s that simple.

It’s time to take the fight to them and stop letting criminals treat our men and women in uniform like they don’t matter!!!”

  • What was the response to that suggestion?
  • Is this something you ever see happening?
  • LINKEDIN POST – Pic of Congressman Tim Ryan

“Thank you so much Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH-13) for being the latest to  co-sponsor The HELPER Act (H.R. 3172).”

  • What is the HELPER Act?
    • Started by Royer
    • Stand for – Homes for Every Local Protector, Educator, and Responder
    • Administered by Federal Housing Administration
    • Creates one time loan program for first responders
    • Eliminates down payment requirement & monthly PMI requirements