EP 26 – I Am Going to Just Go! Go! Go! – Ssweetsavage

Wow what a interview! Ssweetsavage is a Latina police officer and former Marine, who is setting out to empower women, especially Latina women, in the law enforcement profession.

Note: Because she was in a special assignment, I am not using her real name. Ssweetsavage is her Instagram name.

This 5'8 125 lb. woman is more than just a beautiful woman in a uniform, she is confident and comfortable with who she is, she's full of drive and as she says, “Will give you a run for your money!”, which I don't doubt for one minute.

For this interview, I changed the format of the podcast by dividing it up into 4 segments:

  1. Why Law Enforcement
  2. Dig Deeper – I select 3-4 post from the guest's social media and dive deeper into what it's about.
  3. Random Seven – I read 7 totally random questions to the guest in an effort to find out more about them… This is creating some interesting conversations.
  4. This or That – I give the guest two random topics and they have to pick one.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • Why she got into law enforcement
  • What makes her unique
  • She shared what she considers to be her biggest strength, (not what I was expecting)
  • What happened to her after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Her biggest failure in life
  • Plus much more