There’s a Lot of Ego That Comes With Law Enforcement – Unhinged Stability

Jesse, better known as “Unhinged Stability” on social media, has 6 years on the job and is from Massachusetts. He and I discuss how he got started making video for social media and how it has opened other doors for him.

Jesse shares how he has learned to deal with the negative comments he gets from being a cop on social media. He also talks about the biggest influence in his life, his grandfather.

About Unhinged Stability

  • Social Media Influencer
  • From Massachusetts
  • 6 Years In Law Enforcement

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Time Stamps

[01:35] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?”

[07:03] What Jesse had to adjust to and overcome, when he started the job.

[11:06] What Jesse enjoys outside of the job.

[14:22] Becoming a “Tik Tok” cop

[12:22] Content Creation and Social Media

[23:20] First segment: Life questions

[28:45] Dealing with the negative feedback from social media

[38:53] This or That segment: The rapid fire round


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