EP 15 – I Thought I Was Invincible – Paulie Lewis New Hampshire Police Officer

Paulie Lewis is a police officer from the state of New Hampshire who has been in law enforcement for just over two years.

It was suggested to me, that I should speak with Paulie by another officer I've had the pleasure of interviewing Officer Kenny Anderson (episode #2) and I'm glad I took his suggestion!

Paulie is an interesting young man, who chose the law enforcement profession after seeking something that would give him more purpose in life.

Prior to making this life changing decision, he was in grad school and had been thinking about career in social work, which is what he received his degree in.

Shortly after getting out of the FTO program, Paulie admits that he had become somewhat complacent and thought that he was invincible.

One night while responding to a domestic call, that complacency may have been the reason Paulie was shot twice.

Paulie and I talked about everything from what happened that dreadful night to his love for Disney and much, much more.

Paulie has done quite the job “Humanizing the Badge” on social media. Please go over and follow him.


I'm happy to announce that “The Off Duty Podcast” has been selected as one of the top 15 “Must Listen To” police podcast online by Feedspot we are actually #8 on the list.

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  1. Louise Owens

    I follow him on tic Tok. He recently posted the shooting from his body cam. He was very calm when he got shot. Congrats on being rated for your pod cast.

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