I Was Never Taught to Dream – Jess Flores – 133

Anthony McNeil interviews Jess Flores, a ten-year law enforcement veteran, founder of Next Shift, law enforcement career transition coach, and mindset mentor from Washington.

Anthony asks Jess why she decided to pursue a career in law enforcement, which she attributes to her grandpa bringing her donuts in his police car when she was a kid; the lights, sirens, and donuts were a subconscious reminder that law enforcement was something she wanted to pursue.

They discuss her journey in law enforcement, her transition to a career coach, and how she helps people make the transition from law enforcement to something else.

About Jess Flores

  • 10 Years Law Enforcement
  • Founder of Next Shift
  • Mindset Mentor
  • From Kansas City, MO

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I Was Never Taught to Dream – Jess Flores – 133”

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