Emotional Wellbeing for Police Officers: Transforming Trauma into Growth – Mark Bouchard

Episode Summary:

This episode explores the realities of policing, with a conversation between a retired police officer, Anthony McNeil and Mark Bouchard a law enforcement officer from Canada.

They discuss why Mark chose to pursue a career in law enforcement, the differences between policing in Canada and the United States, the importance of treating people fairly, the importance of understanding police tactics, psychology and the challenges officers face.

They also discuss the importance of leading a healthy, well-rounded life to be a good police officer and the need to take time off to relax and down regulate. Mark shares his journey with PTSD, the importance of healthy coping strategies, and the need to destigmatize mental health.

The discussion also touches on the importance of being present with loved ones, expressing emotions and creating healthy habits in relationships.

Finally, they highlight the idea that relationships will have their ups and downs, but that by treating people with kindness and being a good listener, you can build strong relationships with those around you.

About Mark Bouchard

  • Husband – Father
  • Author – Blogger
  • 17 Years in Law Enforcement
  • From British Columbia, Canada

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(0:00:00) – Exploring the Realities of Policing

(0:12:48) – Police Officer Well-Roundedness

(0:18:12) – Transforming Trauma Into Post-Traumatic Growth

(0:28:24) – Navigating Marriage and Parenthood

(0:36:26) – Intuition and Self Talk

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  1. Hudson Cutno

    I really appreciate this podcast, you and your guest Mark Bouchard discussed some really good topics and made some things clear for me.

    • amcneil

      Hudson glad you enjoyed the episode and more importantly, got something from it! Thank you for your support!

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