The Passion I Had for Law Enforcement Grew – Ramsey Jackson – EP 127

Ramsey Jackson, a retired, 22 year veteran police officer, joined me on this episode, to talk about how speaking out, gets you banned from promotions, outcasted by colleagues and eventually gets you forced out of law enforcement.

Ramsey and I, also discussed his new book, “The Thin Blue Ceiling” and talk about a fantastic, program that he and two childhood friends created, the “Humble Kitchen”. A pop-up kitchen that travels the country raising money for various non-profit organizations.

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Show Time Stamps

[01:49] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?”

[03:15] Was law enforcement what you thought it would be?

[04:22] What would you be doing if not in law enforcement?

[07:00] Leaving the profession early wasn't my decision

[12:20] What is the “Humble Kitchen”

[20:00] Talking about the book “The Thin Blue ceiling”.

[15:47] Living Her Life to the Fullest

[25:15] The “Life” segment of the podcast: All self reflecting questions, about the guest's life

[39:00] “This or That” the rapid fire round

[24:44] This or That Rapid Fire questions


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2 Replies to “The Passion I Had for Law Enforcement Grew – Ramsey Jackson – EP 127”

  1. Edith Stone-Jackson

    Ramsey gave a great interview. I am his mom so I can verify how truthful and honest all his answers were. His job experience is all too common among the African American group. Racism is a construct that permeates the entire work force at various intensities which we all wish our kids didn’t have to experience. Ramsey is a fantastic person and son!

    • amcneil

      Thank you Mrs. Stone-Jackson for the comment! I really enjoyed having Ramsey on and I’m also enjoying his book!

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