What The Heck You’re The Police – Toni McBride – EP 74

If you don't follow Toni McBride on social media, do so right now! I featured Toni on my Instagram page, several months ago when I gave her the “Shout out of the day”….

I knew then I wanted to invite her to join me on the podcast!

This young lady has 5 years in law enforcement and comes from a law enforcement family, she's full of personality and as I say in the interview, “has a contagious smile”.

When I reached out to Toni about coming on the podcast I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed to do so. You see, Toni is more than just a cop! She's a competitive shooter and huge social media “Influencer” (she hates that word) in the gun world.

In fact, she is currently nominated for The Gundies “Most Influential Female of the Year” award. VOTE HERE

Most big influencers don't even bother to reply to my invitation, but Toni is difference and you will see that when you listen to this interview.


  • 5 Years in law enforcement
  • Competitive shooter
  • Social media influencer
  • All around fun, good hearted person


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[01:41] Lead Off Question – “Why Law Enforcement?” Toni explains that coming from a law enforcement family, there was nothing else that she ever wanted to do, other than go into police work.

[09:21] Dig Deeper – This is the part of the podcast were I dig into the guest's social media and I craft questions around 3-5 of those posts.

Toni shares one of her most favorite, spontaneous things to do, when she's not working or at a shooting competition.

[33:24] Random Seven – These are seven, totally random questions that I asked Toni. And they're all electronically created.

Lol check out the one word Toni said describes her sense of humor.

[46:47] This or That – This is my version of a speed round.

2 Replies to “What The Heck You’re The Police – Toni McBride – EP 74”

  1. Stan Fleming

    Retired 40 year veteran cop. McBride is amazing and this podcast brought back great memories and feelings from rookie to retired! Thanks for a great podcast!

    • amcneil

      Stan first off thank you for listening and supporting the podcast! And you’re right, Toni is amazing! Full of personality and in the short time that I got to speak with her, I sense nothing but good people there!

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